Monday, August 19, 2013

Nowhere I Belong

A peaceful weather ,calm wind blowing with crisp sound of dry leaves. My eyes caught its attention on a balcony ,i moved forward to get the view.
There was a boy sitting almost breathless and gasping for air,he was crying his heart out. Watching him,it was difficult to interpret the emotions. At one moment he see me and stares at me,air was getting intoxicated with his pain,anger,hurt and sufferings. It was unbearable to look through his sore and painful eyes. I twitched.
Something in me made him calm down and breathe. He kept looking at me, and i decided to leave.
                          I decided to fly away,watching the view of the boy getting smaller and smaller. and it vanishes away as i rise above. Piece by piece land start slipping away by my feet, i feel good rising above and flying. Flying and moving around and not sticking to land where i do not belong. Sky is my place,my space. The atmosphere here is serene,unlike land where there is sweetness,bitterness at times both. i am a happy and lucky go bird, thats what people on land describe me. The only thing I do is FLY.


  1. Advanced Merry Christmas & Happy New Year greetings and also Thanks and Smiles:) for ur support till now Dear Blogger Buddy God<3U:)

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    Happy New Year

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    Muita paz.
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