Monday, December 24, 2012

An Echo In The Night....

Sweat beaded on her forehead, Aamina woke up terrified, she had seen the same dream again today. She lifted her head to look at her two daughters sleeping beside and her drunk husband sleeping in the filth of his puke in the corner of the room.She couldnt stop weeping and cursing her fate.She tries to go back to sleep instead her mind recollect the day, the most painful day of her life..

It was the farewell day of her eldest child Shahana,she was being adopted by a rich family in the city. Aamina couldnt bear the pain,but she dint want to alarm her child,who was happy to be dressed in her new Pattu Pudava (silk dress). Being a mother she wanted all the best for her child,and that is the reason she agreed upon to this adoption,but this parting was unbearable..
Tears dried up,but Aamina's heart still wept.

"Lets get some coffee,Driver stop at Starbucks"
Anil opens his Times Of india copy and starts reading.

Chennai: 30 children were rescued by Chennai police at Vandalur when they were being taken by a gang involved in human trafficking to Mamallapuram on Thurday,they were planned to be transported to an island near Australia. Most of the children were taken from the slums of Chennai with the false act of being adopted  by families in cities.This is the second incident of human trafficking reported this week. More investigation is being carried out...

Anil was interrupted by her Daughter beside her,"Papa i will have a Caramel Frappuccino"
"Sure Honey"


  1. The human trafficking is one of a major issue still prevailing in our country.The girls from the poor families can easily be deceived. Mostly,they fell in these traps .Many sex rackets are behind this. Actually rules and laws cannot hold man for long, rather a moral change should be welcomed.

    Nice presentation .Keep going....

  2. A touching story ---but in case of the girl child I always feel happy whenever a girl child is treated with love ----this is one avenue where I never discriminate between the poor and the rich because girls in rich families too are discriminated against ---so I am happy that Anil gave his daughter a Caramel Frappuccino

  3. Very touching....human trafficking is such a big menace in our society that it is about to cripple us soon....

  4. Wow, a very beautiful amalgamation of two different tales, a hefty sad one with a happier one... :) Awesome write up, very considerate :)

  5. excellent write up, touching story,. beautifully written.

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