Thursday, November 8, 2012


Blogpost 6:

Speak what you need to speak,
'cause your lips are free
Articulate every thoughts,
'cause its your own tongue
Burst out every little  frustration
'cause its your own body

Speak what you need to speak
Battling with shadows in your head.
Speak cause this moment is yours,
even if your hands are trembling,
eyes are closing,
Its better to speak too much
than not to speak at all.
Even if your faith is broken,
Say with your heart wide open.

Speak before the death of body,
'cause the truth is not dealt yet.
So speak speak speak!!
Speak what you need to speak.


  1. Interesting.... we all should speak what we feel and believe - that is what freedom of expression means..but sadly due to various reasons very few people are able to do this!

  2. Nice one, if only people could understand the true value and power of speaking and if some would understand its proper usage and limitations, the world would be a much better place. :)

  3. here the poet is conveying the public to speak out freely...and to open their heart and speak what their mind says.lets hope that this poem will leave impact on their minds...nice message....

    1. thanx for deciphering the message so well..

      i appreciate it.. :)

    2. okay....thanks....