Friday, November 30, 2012

❥ Heer - Jab Tak Hai Jaan ❥

A beautiful film, Jab Tak Hai Jaan by Yash Raj Sir, he has left behind wonderful romantic movies which emotionally stirred every lovers heart. I loved this movie,though the story was weak,The message it gave out was appreciatable.
The song which swept me was Heer Heer. I have been listening days and night to this song by A.R Rehman,lyric By Gulzar, sung wonderfully by Harshdeep Kaur. 
I dont know since when i started loving punjabi songs, but every new punjabi song i hear, i take a notable efforts to understand the meaning of each word. Thanks to GOOGLE  :)  ( Hope someone teach me too punjabi like SRK teaches Katrina in the movie  :p  )
This song is about the love of Heer Ranjha, Mirza Sahibaan.. I hope everyone Know their epic love story?? O_O  And those nodding NO,,Puh--lease check out here and here

Here goes my effort to translate the song... if any suggestions or mistakes,,feel free to comment below  :) Pluggin your headphones and sing along.. (trust me its fun)
Heer Heer na ankho odiyo, mein the sahibaan hoye 
Ghodi leke aave le jaaye, Ghodi leke aave le jaaye,
Ho mainu, Le jaaye Mirza koi, le jaaye Mirza koi

Dont call me Heer my friends, I have become Sahibaan
I wish he(Mirza) comes on his beloved horse and take me away
I wish some Mirza comes and take me away 

Ohde je hi main te oh mere varga,
Hansda ae sajra sawera warga,
ankh bandh kar laa te thande hanere warga
ohde je hi main te o Mirza mere varga

Hes just like me, I am just like him
He smiles like its Morning,
and when he closes his eyes it feel cold dark

Naal naal tur nate vith rakhna
hadh rak lena vich dil rakhna,
Chaanve chaanve paawe assi teri parchave tur naa

walk with me, dont keep any distance,
Mark the boundary and keep my heart within it
I am going to walk under your shadow..

ohde je hi main te o Mirza mere varga



  1. This song is sooooo romantic na <3

    1. Indeed a beautiful song,, after a long time :)

  2. how do you know the meaning of this song.Anyway nice effort in translating it.I love this song.

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