Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Complaint To God

Blogpost 5:
This is one of my favourite poem by the legend Poet Iqbal, Enjoy reading  :)

Shall I hear the lament of the nightingale,
submissively lending my ear??

Am I the rose to suffer

its cry in silence year after year??

The fire of verse gives me courage and bids me

no more to be faint

With dust in my mouth,

I am abject ;to God I make my complaint.

Sometimes you favour our rivals

then somtimes with us your are free.
I am sorry to say it so boldly,
You are no less fickle than we.

( IQBAL: Complaint to god)


  1. I guess God can never win.. :)

    My view is :-

    Je hoya changa tan main app kita
    Jo madaa hunda oh karda rab

    If something good happens I did it myself
    If Wrong then its God who did it

    Mangde haan sab kujh taithon
    Milan te haan kinne Nashukre

    We ask for everything from you
    But when we get it we become so thankless

    Sanu insaana Mangtiyaan nu nahin hai sabar
    aah ve de de .. oh vi de de.. Ah ve laina Oh vi lain..

    We human beggars don’t have any
    give me that give me this

    Mille taan kahiye eh hai mera kamaal
    Na mille taan kardaa kaani Wand -
    Kahiye Rab karda Mere naal hi Maada ..

    if we get it it’s our hard work
    If not then God always does this to me

    MY view on GOD :)

  2. I agree with your comment ..its so so true..

    Thanks for your kind comment and keep reading.. :)