Friday, November 23, 2012

Book Review: The Bankster

                                                                             my autographed copy of book
This is my second book from Ravi Subramanian, first one being  If god was a banker. It was a good read,though nothing impressive. When i got The Bankster delivered at my home by, i was surprised to see the cover of the book,it said "Meet the John Grisham of banking". I adore John Grisham,his  way of writing thriller Novels are just enough to put you on pins and needles. So i positively opened the book and sat to read....

And here i am with my review:
I was glued with it since two days until i reached the end of the book. wow!! now that was a nice attempt to be compared with John Grisham.
The storyline is split into three parts: 1) In Angola, South Africa an Under cover agent is conducting a business deal to the exchange of arms and ammunition for blood diamonds
2) In Kerala Krishna Menon is struggling to fuflfil the promise made to his dying son
3) In Mumbai GB2 an international bank is encountered with inscrutable death of  their employees.
Initially i was puzzleheaded to where this story is clasping,but halfway down the book i was able to connect-the-dots and my predictabilies increased. I loved the way Karan Panjabi solved the mystery one by one with her cute girlfriend. (wasnt it too much effort for one man to solve such a big mystery??  :) is the author is reading  this?? ;) )
Personally before starting reading The title of the book made me feel droopy because i doesnt even know the basic fundamentals of Banking... But GUYS let me tell you, i was flabbergasted by the simplicity of the jargons used in the book about banking and plus it was totally fascinating to know the inside world of banking life. I loved this part of the book the Favourite character(s) in this book are: Karan Panjabi,Harshita and Raymond.

I heartly  CONGRATULATE  Ravi Subramaniam for coming up with The Bankster.
I would highly recommend The Bankster to all  book lovers. People who love to read electrifying and thrilling novels bang on this is the one for you..go ahead...

Now lets know more about the author:-
Ravi Subramaniam,An IIM bangalore alumnus,lives in Mumbai. In 2008 he won Golden Quill Readers Choice award for his debut novel If God was a banker.
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Go grab your book now.. Happy Reading  

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    Ravi Subramanium has a unique style which makes reading his books exciting!

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  3. Hi. thanks for this book review. By reading this , iam eager to read the whole book.I have to grab a book soon.

  4. Mr. Ravi Subramanian is a banker by profession.He won Economist crossword book award for the book , "The incredible banker".His other books are,
    1."If god was a banker"
    2."I bought the monk's ferrari"
    3 "Devil in pinstripes"
    4."The incredible banker".

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  5. Seriously loved the way you have reviewed the book..Obviously not the conventional style :))I have also reviewed the same book..Tell me what you feel..My review is at