Monday, October 29, 2012

55 fiction

Blogpost 3

Blurry eyes staring her ,he can't suppress the terror he saw, just few minutes back he spoke with her,he loved her soo much. Now she left him,no choice but live alone in her memories. She died in the terrorist attack 26/11 mumbai. He remembers this day and inject the drug..he goes into tranquility.


  1. I have VERY bad memories associated with the 26/11. Things that I am glad are over, packed up and dealt with.
    I like the ending, hope to read more! :)

    Thanks for the lovely comments on my blog :)

  2. Nice work.
    26/11 destroyed many lives. Its not only about the people who are dead but also the people who are left alive have been suffering.

    1. @vinay
      thnks for reading. suffering is the worst part of life,which people deal with after loosing their loved ones.

  3. @AaeKay :)
    thanx for reading. 26/11 was indeed a difficult period of time. many people were left devastated.
    praying that no such heart wrenching event takes place anywhere in this world ever.

  4. It was a bad time for our nation .. but sadly the leaders and all still not doing naything ..